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Structured Challenges


  • •• Write software to make something move
  • Make something out of physical NAND gates
  • ••• Declarative programming
    • I'd really like to understand more about declarative programming. It's radically different from anything I've done before and I genuinely think our discipline is going to head in this direction in years to come. The "paper" by Lee Sallows might be an interesting way to get into this. He talks about a word puzzle he worked on and how he built a machine to solve it. I've been working on this problem myself and have come to the conclusion that the best way to do this is through declarative programming technique. So far, all of the examples I've looked at in Prolog have been contrived and aren't the sort of thing I'd connect with. I'd rather take a problem of our own and see if we can solve it through declarative programming. Tom spoke about declarative programming at LRUG and now might be the time to answer his call to action. I think that one of the reasons declarative languages aren't popular is because they're not intuitive to use. This could be because the existing abstractions aren't very good. Can we do better?
  • •••• Implement a protocol from its spec, e.g.
  • FPGA's