Composer installers for CodeIgniter components, [sparks](, and [modules](
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CodeIgniter Installers for Composer

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Composer installers for CodeIgniter components, Sparks, and modules


To use, simply specify the desired type from the list below and require the compwright/codeigniter-installers package in your composer.json file, like so:

	"name": "vendor/package",
	"type": "codeigniter-library",
	"require": {
		"compwright/codeigniter-installers": "*"

By default this installer expects your project's composer.json file to be at the same level as your application directory and sparks directory. If you are using a different directory structure for your project, you will need to configure the paths accordingly in your project composer.json file:

	"extra": {
		"codeigniter-application-dir": "Source/application",
		"codeigniter-sparks-dir": "Source/sparks",

Supported Package Types

Package Type Installs To
codeigniter-library application/libraries/{package}/
codeigniter-core application/core/
codeigniter-third-party application/third_party/{package}/
codeigniter-module application/modules/{package}/
codeigniter-spark sparks/{package}/


  • codeigniter-library packages should follow CodeIgniter library naming conventions, and the library PHP file should match the package name or you will need to set up a custom loader or manually include the file.

    If one or more PHP files have the MY_ subclass prefix, they will be moved up one level into the application/libraries/ directory. If all of the PHP files have the MY_ prefix, then the application/libraries/{package} directory will be deleted after the PHP files are moved. Uninstallation of these files must be performed manually.

  • codeigniter-core packages are specifically for packages that override a core CodeIgniter file in the application/core/ directory. All PHP files will installed into that directory. Any non-PHP files included in the package will not be installed.

    Uninstallation of codeigniter-core packages must be performed manually.

  • codeigniter-module packages are designed for the Modular Extensions add-on for CodeIgniter, but in theory it could work with any type of module provided that the installation directory is the same.

  • codeigniter-spark packages should be built according to the instructions on

  • Individual support for CodeIgniter controllers, config files, language files, models, or helpers is not supported. Those components should be encapsulated in a module or spark.