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CONIKS is a key management system that provides transparency and privacy for end-user public keys. CONIKS protects end-to-end encrypted communications against malicious or compromised communication providers and surveillance by storing users' encryption keys in tamper-evident and publicly auditable key directories on the server side. This allows messaging clients to verify the identity of users automatically, and prevents malicious/compromised servers from hijacking secure communications without getting caught.

This repository provides a Golang implementation of the CONIKS system. The implementation consists of a library, described in the following section, a standalone CONIKS-server and -client, and a registration proxy using this library.

Golang Library

The packages in this library implement the various components of the CONIKS system and may be imported individually.

  • application: CONIKS application-layer library.
  • cli: CONIKS command-line tools (registration bots, key server, and test client).
  • crypto: Cryptographic algorithms and operations
  • merkletree: Merkle prefix tree and related data structures
  • utils: Utility functions
  • protocol: CONIKS protocols implementation/library
  • storage: Hooks for persistent storage backend (currently unused)


You need to have Golang version 1.9 or higher installed. If Golang is set up correctly, you can simply run:

go get

For usage instructions, see the documentation in their respective packages: CONIKS-server, a simple command-line client, and the registration-proxy.


Please keep in mind that this CONIKS library is under active development. The repository may contain experimental features that aren't fully tested. We recommend using a tagged release.

API Documentation

Current Core Developers

Releases of coniks-go will be signed with one of the following GPG keys: