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ImageTune handles image conversion client-side, saving server resources and speeding up uploads.
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Image Tune

Image Tune takes image files and handles resize and conversion in the browser prior to upload, saving server processing time and storage space while reducing upload times.

Now you're users can upload large images from modern smartphones or DSLR cameras quickly and efficiently as the client handles the conversion of the image to a web-appropriate size. Perfect for user profiles, social media images and more.



For npm

npm install -s imagetune

For Yarn

yarn add imagetune


var ImageTune = require('imagetune');
document.getElementById("image-file").addEventListener("change", function(evt) {
  var file =[0];
  var options = {
    type: 'png', 
    quality: 80, 
    height: 250, 
    width: 250
  ImageTune.tune(file, options).then(function (imageData) {
    document.body.getElementById("image-data").setAttribute("value", imageData);


Name Description Default
width Desired width of result image in pixels 200
height Desired height of result image in pixels 200
quality Image quality value, changes file size (1-100) 100
type Image format type (png, jpg, gif) jpg
mode Scale mode (crop or scale) scale
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