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This project is no longer maintained. PRs will be accepted.

io.js cartridge for OpenShift

Looking for node.js v4?

See connyay/openshift-node4


rhc create-app <app name>

Example App

There is an example express application that uses this cartridge that can be found here: connyay/express-openshift-iojs.

Common pitfalls are:

  1. Build hook
  2. Port & IP config

What this cartridge provides out of the box

  1. io.js (latest stable currently 3.3.0)
  2. npm (latest stable currently 2.13.3)
  3. grunt
  4. gulp
  5. forever
  6. bower

What this cartridge does out of the box

Not much.

  1. Installs io.js
  2. Installs grunt, gulp, bower, and forever globally (specified by $OPENSHIFT_NPM_GLOBALS)
  3. Allows the user to manually install required dependencies (in a build action_hook). An example of this can be found here
  4. Runs npm start if package.json is found in repo directory (log is written to $OPENSHIFT_IOJS_LOG_DIR)


For now I just dropped the contents of the iojs-v3.3.0.tar.xz here. Once io.js stabalizes I will move to resolving the latest stable and downloading on the gear.


These repos helped out a ton while developing this cartridge.

  1. engineersamuel/openshift-origin-cartridge-nodejs
  2. wshearn/openshift-origin-cartridge-nodejs
  3. ramr/nodejs-custom-version-openshift
  4. heroku/heroku-buildpack-nodejs
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