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image is a set of Go libraries aimed at working in various way with containers' images and container image registries.

The containers/image library allows application to pull and push images from container image registries, like the upstream docker registry. It also implements "simple image signing".

The containers/image library also allows you to inspect a repository on a container registry without pulling down the image. This means it fetches the repository's manifest and it is able to show you a docker inspect-like json output about a whole repository or a tag. This library, in contrast to docker inspect, helps you gather useful information about a repository or a tag without requiring you to run docker pull.

The containers/image library also allows you to translate from one image format to another, for example docker container images to OCI images. It also allows you to copy container images between various registries, possibly converting them as necessary, and to sign and verify images.

The skopeo tool uses the containers/image library and takes advantage of its many features.


ASL 2.0


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