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Chkit is a desktop CLI client for Containerum.


  • Containerum
  • Windows/Linux/MacOS
  • Golang >= 1.8


To get chkit source:

go get -u -v


# in $GOPATH/src/containerum
git clone

To build chkit from sources:

cd $GOPATH/src/containerum/chkit
make single_release CONTAINERUM_API=""  
# or your Containerum API URL

then extract executable from tar.gz archive in ./build to $GOPATH/bin or another $PATH dir

To delete chkit:

Just delete executable file from your $GOPATH/bin

Configuring chkit

Using chkit with your own Kubernetes cluster

Before using chkit to work with Containerum you have to specify the address of your API. You can do that as follows:

  • run
chkit set api YOUR_API_ADDRESS


  • build chkit with env:
make release

Using chkit with Containerum Online

By default chkit connects to Containerum Online platform.

Configuraton and logs

OS Config file path Logs path
Linux ~/.config/containerum/config.toml ~/.config/containerum/support
Windows /Users/$USERNAME/AppData/Local/containerum/config.toml /Users/$USERNAME/AppData/Local/containerum/suppport
Mac OS /Library/Application Support/containerum/config.toml /Library/Logs/containerum


To learn more about chkit commands, please refer to the Docs section on our website.


Please submit all contributions concerning chkit component to this repository. If you want to make contributions to the project, please start by checking the source code at chkit/pkg/cli/. Contributing guidelines are available here.


Chkit project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. Please see LICENSE in this repository for more details.