Start in minutes a Drupal 8 with JSON API and Vue.js : a Nuxt.js ( Vue.js SSR ) consumer for Contenta CMS
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A Drupal 8 headless starter for beginners with Nuxt.js and JSON API module or Contenta CMS

démo :

This project is a simple example to let you start quickly a SEO-friendly headless Drupal 8 with JSON API and Vue.js.

This is aimed at beginners in headless Drupal : we focused on keeping things as simple as possible and keeping a very low barrier to entry to Nuxt.js + JSON API stack: No over-engineering, no complex edges cases, no complex directory structure.

Contenta Vue Nuxt is consuming Contenta CMS example public API to build a fictive recipes site.

Why Nuxt.js and not just Vue.js ?

We believe a headless Drupal has to be SEO-friendly and fast. That's why we are using the awesome Nuxt.js : This is Vue.js with automatic Server Side Rendering and Code Splitting, so you don't have to deal yourself with all that stuff: just enjoy your SEO-friendly site built with your Vue.js components.

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  • Node 10.x
  • NPM >= 5


# install dependencies
$ npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:3000
$ npm run dev

To listen on another port, edit your package.json and change dev script:

  # ...
  "scripts": {
    "dev": "PORT=5000 node_modules/.bin/nuxt"
  # ...

Run units tests:

# run unit tests. test resides in test/unit directory
$ npm test


# build for production
$ npm run build
# and launch production server
$ npm run start

How does it work ?

Most important parts of the code resides inside pages, components & layouts directories, this is where our Vue components resides.

  • Components are normal Vue.js single-file components.
  • Pages are special Nuxt.js components : they are triggering server side rendering and are accessible automatically via an url. For example "pages/recipes.vue" can be accessed going to "/recipes" uri. They use a special asyncData() method which is used by the server side rendering.
  • Layouts are some Vue components used as template wrappers for pages components, somehow like the page.tpl.php from Drupal.
  • lib directory contains cross-components library or business logic, this is where resides our functions and class to fetch data from Contenta CMS public API. They might be called from components asyncData() methods or Vuex store.