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Contentlayer turns your content into data - making it super easy to import MD(X) and CMS content in your app


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Contentlayer is a content SDK that validates and transforms your content into type-safe JSON data you can easily import into your application's pages.

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⚠️ Contentlayer is currently in beta. There might still be breaking changes before the upcoming 1.0 release.

Getting Started

The video above is a brief look at Contentlayer. Explore further with our example projects, which you can clone to try out locally or in via Gitpod or Stackblitz in your browser.


Contentlayer Playground

Tutorial & Documentation

Follow the tutorial to get started building your own project. Or explore the full documentation.


  • Live reload on content changes
  • Fast and incremental builds
  • Simple but powerful schema DSL to design your content model (validates your content and generates types)
  • Auto-generated TypeScript types based on your content model (e.g. frontmatter or CMS schema)

Supported Content Sources

Supported Environments


See our docs for more information on our roadmap.


Join our Discord community to get help, suggest new features, and stay up to date on all things Contentlayer.

Who is using Contentlayer?

Are you using Contentlayer? Please add your page (and repo) to the end of the list via a PR. 🙏