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R package for analysis of social defeat data
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R package for analysis of social defeat data


Install dependencies

First, grab the dependencies:

install.packages(c("cluster", "mclust"), dependencies = TRUE)

If this fails, try setting a CRAN mirror


and then running the installation again.

Get the source

You can get the source from git or from a zip file.

Get the source from git

Clone the repository containing the source

git clone

Get the source from a ZIP file

You can grab a ZIP file by going to the project's page and clicking the "Download ZIP" button.

Note that the ZIP file will be called "socialdefeat-master" and will unzip to a folder of that name. Rename this folder "socialdefeat".

Install the package

You need to know the path to the directory where you put the source. For example

sdPath <- "~/code/R/socialdefeat" 

On Windows, you can get the path by holding down shift and right-clicking on the "socialdefeat" folder, then selecting "Copy as path".

On a Mac, you can drag the folder from Finder into the R console or a Terminal to see the path.

To check you've got the right path, do


You should see

> list.files(sdPath)
[1] "DESCRIPTION" "man" "NAMESPACE" "R" ""

Now you are ready to install:

install.packages(sdPath, repos=NULL, type = "source") 

Loading the package for use


View the documentation

help(package = socialdefeat)

Read the function man pages for EM classification (recommended) or clustering-based classification.

The bootstrap methods return an initial classification as well as the bootstrap results.

For production purposes, use at least 1000 iterations and preferably 10000.


First unload the package:

detach("package:socialdefeat", unload=TRUE)

Then remove it

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