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Python wrapper for GitHub API v3

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Pygithub3 is a wrapper to the Github API v3, written in Python.

It has been developed with extensibility in mind, because the API is in a beta state, trying to achieve a very loosly coupled software.

It should be very easy to extend to support new requests and resources, because each of them are managed by itself.

Pygithub3 docs

Github API v3 docs

Fast install

pip install pygithub3

Fast example

from pygithub3 import Github

gh = Github(login='copitux', password='password')

copitux = gh.users.get()
kennethreitz = gh.users.get('kennethreitz')

copitux_repos = gh.repos.list().all()
kennethreitz_repos = gh.repos.list('kennethreitz').all()



  • Oauth authorization API (service?)
  • Proxy methods into resources (e.g copitux.followers)


  1. Fork the repository
  2. Write a test to cover new feature or to reproduce bug
  3. Code with pep8 rules
  4. Add yourself to AUTHORS
  5. Pull request it to develop branch


Run make init to install test requirements and nosetests to run tests.

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