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A Visual Studio Code extension for Coq [maintainer=@maximedenes]
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VsCoq is an extension for Visual Studio Code with support for the Coq Proof Assistant.

This extension is currently developped by @maximedenes and contributors, as part of Coq Community. The original author of this extension is @siegebell.


  • Asynchronous proofs
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Commands: step forward, interpret to point, interrupt computation, queries, set display options, etc.
  • Diff view for proof-view: highlight which terms change between states
  • Smarter editing: does not roll back the state when editing whitespace or comments
  • Works with prettify-symbols-mode
  • Supports _CoqProject
  • LtacProf results treeview


  • VsCode 1.30.0 or more recent
  • Coq 8.7.0 or more recent


The recommended way to install VsCoq is via the Visual Studio Marketplace.




  1. install Coq
  2. install vscode
  3. run code
  4. install this extension: press F1 to open the command palette, start typing "Extensions: Install Extension", press enter, and search for vscoq
  5. select "enable" on the extension

Basic usage

  • if you use _CoqProject - start vscode via code my/project/root (or code . from the root folder of your project), or else select File|Open Folder... from vscode's menu.
  • step forward: alt+down
  • step backward: alt+up
  • interpret to point: alt+right
  • interpret to end: alt+end
  • interpret to home: alt+home
  • explore more commands: F1 and begin typing Coq:
  • vscode documentation


(Press F1 and start typing "settings" to open either workspace/project or user settings.)

  • "coqtop.binPath": "" -- specify the path to coqtop (e.g. "path/to/coq/bin/")
  • "coqtop.args": [] -- an array of strings specifying additional command line arguments for coqtop
  • "coqtop.loadCoqProject": true -- set to false to ignore _CoqProject
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