Easily use Quill.js in your django admin.
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Easily use Quill.js in your django admin.

This project is heavily inspired by django-ckeditor.

Requires django 1.7.

Admin Preview

Quick start

  1. Install the package from pypi

    pip install django-quill
  2. Add "quill" to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this:



from django.db import models
from quill.fields import RichTextField

class MyModel(models.Model):
    content = RichTextField()
    content2 = RichTextField(config='basic')

If you want to support image uploads, your admin needs to extend from quill.admin.QuillAdmin:

from quill.admin import QuillAdmin

class MyAdmin(QuillAdmin):


To customize this app, extend apps.QuillConfig and modify whatever you need. For example, to add a new toolbar:

from quill.apps import QuillConfig

class MyQuillConfig(QuillConfig):
    my_toolbar = dict(full, toolbar_template='quill/toolbars/my_toolbar.html')

To customize the extensions of the images that can be uploaded:

from quill.apps import QuillConfig

class MyQuillConfig(QuillConfig):
    allowed_image_extensions = ['jpeg', 'gif']

If you need to call other methods or perform additional actions on the quill editors, they will be available in window.DjangoQuillEditors.

Provided Toolbars

There are two toolbars that come with this package:

  1. Full (default): Provides basic font style and size selection, bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, text color, background color, lists, links, and images.
  2. Basic: Provides bold, italic, underline, lists, and links.


There are several dependencies on npm that are required before building django-quill:

$ npm install

Auto Compile JS

$ make watch

Running Tests

$ make test

Building JS

$ make build


  1. Better documentation.
  2. More tests.
  3. Better support for using outside of the admin.