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Build and maintenance scripts for CoreOS
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Merge pull request #378 from crawford/azure

oem/azure: add more image-publishing functionality
latest commit f26b209ab7
Alex Crawford crawford authored
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bin add(prod_image_util): Rename what remains of cros_make_image_bootable
build_library vm_image_util: add cloudsigma
contrib Updated VirtualBox script for new releases
lib fix(catalyst): Move catalyst scripts from lib to build_library.
oem oem/azure: add
offline_signing offline_signing: download from stable, it gets built/uploaded first.
sdk_lib common: make sure /etc/mtab is correct before mounting anything
.gitignore cros_sdk: Allow additional chroot mounts via .local_mounts file
LICENSE LICENSE: minor cleanups
bash_completion fix(*): remove lingering broken support for board overlays.
boot_nspawn fix(*): use /media/state and overlays dir
bootstrap_sdk bootstrap_sdk: prune extra files from SDK tarballs
build_image build_image: add ability to pick different base package
build_packages build_package: fix loop between two loop breaking steps
build_toolchains fix(build_library): Remove reference to old SDK profile Switch to GPT-format disk images.
clean_loopback_devices Add a umount wrapper to suppress gvfsd/trashd breaking umount calls. common: make sure /etc/mtab is correct before mounting anything
core_pre_alpha add(core_pre_alpha): New release script for just posting alpha images.
core_promote rename references to updatectl, it is now updateservicectl
core_roller_upload rename references to updatectl, it is now updateservicectl
core_sign_update updates: fix running core_sign_update from
cros_workon Add the --include-masked flag when calling the equery which command. setup DEFAULT_BOARD by default
get_package_list setup DEFAULT_BOARD by default
image_set_group image_set_group: copy contents and packages text files common: make sure /etc/mtab is correct before mounting anything
prune_images add(prune_images): Add a little script to clean up build directory
serve.go stupid script to serve the latest images
set_official updates: Add script for enabling the official update signing key. Added password arg to
setup_board setup_board: export paths to kernel source and build directories
start_devserver Simplify boilerplate code in src/scripts.
tag_release fix(tag_release): Fix compatibility with portage's config parser
update_chroot Repo Dir Auto-Symlinking
update_distfiles fix(update_distfiles): Set temporary directory
update_ebuilds feat(metadata): Add support for updating ebuild metadata cache
update_metadata update_metadata: continue if there are no updates to commit.
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