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NOTICE: If you downloaded this version before Dec 15, 2021 and are affected by issue #706, please re-download. This fix was not present in the initial binary and has since been corrected.

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: 1.1.8...1.1.9

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NVM for Windows v1.1.8 Notes

Truth be told, I did not want to release this version right now. I am working on the successor project rt, which was supposed to be the last version before the rt release. However, notable changes in the Node ecosystem warrant a new version now.

Node Corepack

In September 2021, Node.js v16.9.0 introduced corepack. This experimental new feature allows transparent use of npm, pnpm, or yarn. To support this feature, NVM4W must download and process a different distribution file than it has used previously.

As a result, NVM for Windows 1.1.8 is being released to support corepack.

How to Upgrade

All files can be found on the release page.

If you do not have NVM for Windows installed
Use the instructions in the README.

If you already have an older version of NVM for Windows installed
Download and extract it. You will find a file called nvm-update.exe. Double click to run it. This will prompt for the version you wish to upgrade to (pre-populated w/ 1.1.8).

nvm-update.exe can also be run from the command line using the /S flag to suppress the prompt. To do this, run nvm-update.exe 1.1.8 /S.

What's New

Several long-requested features/fixes have been merged since v1.1.7. I did not get to test all of them as extensively as I wanted to, but I believe they are stable. These features include:

  1. corepack support (see above)
  2. Support for spaces in filepaths #355 (@s-h-a-d-o-w).
  3. nvm install latest - installs the latest patch version of Node (instead of latest minor).
  4. nvm install lts - installs the latest LTS patch version (new). (@tats-u)
  5. nvm use latest, nvm use lts (@tats-u), and nvm use newest (new) (@EEJesse) now supported.
  6. Elevated permissions applied only when necessary #511 (@rbuckton).
  7. nvm current (new) displays the active version. (@riazXrazor)

Numerous edge case fixes have been applied as well.

  1. Read environment variables in settings.txt (@mscott3)
  2. Compilation fixes (@taaem)
  3. Fix major version check (@rcknight)
  4. Parameterized settings.txt loader (@Himself65)

A number of documentation updates have also been merged.

What didn't make it in?

  1. Aliases - these were originally scheduled for 1.1.8, but I never got to work on them.


Version 1.1.8 is not code signed. Code-signed applications are trusted by Windows and will install easily. Users are prompted with a screen like this one:

code signed

Non-code-signed applications can usually be installed, but they will throw a warning like this:

non-code signing


I paid for the last code signing certificates out of pocket, but they've expired. Sponsorships, to date, haven't even come close to covering the cost of a new code signing certificate (let alone the last one).

Who will this affect?

This won't affect most users, but enterprise users and those distributing NVM4W in corporate environments may run into problems.

If your organization is impacted by this, I will accept sponsorship money to expedite the delivery of a code-signed version. The required EV certificate is about $1000. Please direct message me on Twitter @goldglovecb if you'd like to help cover this cost.

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Merged several outstanding PR's:

  • Silent Setup (#264)
  • Comparison Fix (#269)
  • Fix for Manually removing folder on nvm uninstall (#356)
  • Wilcard major version to latest (#222)

Several documentation PR's were included in the repo as well.

The build process has been updated to provide:

  • Code Signed Executables (courtesy Ecor Ventures/
  • MD5 Checksums
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Leverages Go's native filepath management, which should fix issues with spaces and special characters in path names.

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A hotfix to support the newer node version categorization logic.

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Merged #269 to fix #268 (issue retrieving latest version of Node)

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This is a patch update, fixing some mirroring issues, courtesy of PR #251. A nice new benefit is rollback support when a download fails.

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This version fixes an issue with the nvm ls available feature, which was not showing current versions properly.

It is now possible to add an --insecure flag to installations if you need to bypass the SSL validation check performed against the remote server. This is an insecure process where mitm attacks can occur, so it is not enabled by default. This should only be used with trusted download sources.

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  • Removed need for Nodedistro feed. Now relies on official version feed from
  • Added support for vX.X.X (automatically strips the v)
  • Merged support for alternative download mirrors.
  • Modified the output of nvm ls available to display a pretty table, up to 20 results. Displays Current, LTS, Stable, and Unstable versions.
  • Merged additional PR's with general fixes.
  • Installer: Removed option to open command prompt upon completion (because it was buggy).
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