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Tour Of Heroes (Webpack and SauceLabs edition)

This is the Angular2 Tour-of-Heroes tutorial, but using webpack instead of SystemJS. I also added a loader indicator and e2e-testing examples for SauceLabs.


  • Install dependencies: npm i
  • Run via npm start


e2e or end-to-end testing is the uppermost layer of a testing hierarchy and tests business requirements from the end-user-perspective.

Local e2e-testing

  • Run server: npm start
  • Run e2e-tests in another console: npm run e2e

Remote e2e-testing

  • Build the distribution: npm run build
  • upload to your webspace
  • change the url in the package.json-task 'e2eRemote' to your public webspace
  • Run e2e-tests: npm run e2eRemote


If you also want to test your software on mobile browsers or a variant of desktop browsers, there are providers like SauceLabs, which provide an external cloud to test on.

You are currently unable to test https-connections on mobile iOS with the Appium library (which in turn is used by SauceLabs) due to the way ExecuteAsyncScript is handled - see the bugreport for details. For the time being, you MUST use a http-only url in ./protractor.conf.sauce-labs.js as baseUrl, if you plan to use mobile iOS browsers or write work-arounds, that do not rely on the callback of ExecuteAsyncScript.

You will need a SauceLabs-Account and an API-key, which you can find in your account settings after logging in.

SauceLabs Remote e2e-testing

You need to upload the distribution to a publically available webspace, if your computer is not reachable from the internet because of being behind a router or firewall.

  • build the distribution: npm run build
  • upload to your webspace
  • change the url in protractor.conf.sauce-labs.js to your public webspace
  • export SAUSE_USERNAME="<your-username>"
  • export SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY="<your-access-key"
  • npm run e2eSauceLabs

Alternatively, combine the last three steps in a one-off command without export:

  • SAUSE_USERNAME="<your-username>" SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY="<your-access-key>" npm run e2eSauceLabs

SauceLabs Connect e2e-testing (reverse tunnel)

If you do not have a webspace or your system requires access to resources on your local network, the remote option above will not work for you. SauceLabs has the ability to register a reverse tunnel, making your local network available to the SauceLabs VMs.

Note: The --no-ssl-bump-domains=all fixes a bug with missing root-certificates for Android emulators of versions below 5.1 - see this entry for details. This is also needed, if your local system does not use https, because the first website the Android browser opens will be and that certificate will already trigger a hard-to-skip warning message.


Angular2 Tour-of-Heroes with webpack



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