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An open-source implementation of the Quake engine in Rust

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Richter is currently in pre-alpha development. This means that the engine architecture is still being designed. The most development time is currently being focused on the client. Neither the client nor the server is in a "working" state yet.


Richter makes use of feature gates and compiler plugins, which means you'll need a nightly build of rustc. The simplest way to do this is to download rustup and follow the directions.

Because a Quake distribution contains multiple binaries, this software is packaged as a Cargo library project. The source files for binaries are located in the src/bin directory and can be run with

$ cargo run --bin <name>

where <name> is the name of the source file without the .rs extension.


This software is released under the terms of the MIT License (see LICENSE.txt).

This project is in no way affiliated with id Software LLC, Bethesda Softworks LLC, or ZeniMax Media Inc. Information regarding the Quake trademark can be found at Bethesda's legal information page.

Due to licensing restrictions, the data files necessary to run Quake cannot be distributed with this package. pak0.pak, which contains the files for the first episode ("shareware Quake"), can be retrieved from id's FTP server at ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/quake. The full game can be purchased from a number of retailers including Steam and GOG.