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various bits of code in newLISP
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dragonfly-plugins added content
nldb small changes and modifications to markdown.lsp
obsoleted misc updates
parse-time misc updates and changes
pygments-newlisp add license
simple-weather-forecast added files
.gitignore tidying
License (MIT).txt add license
README added web link
analyse-router-traffic.lsp i should know better than to use int without a default base
external-syntax-highlighting.lsp added version of newlispdoc that allows external syntax-hilite
find-duplicate-files.lsp added content
grepper.lsp added content
irc.lsp actions weren't handled correctly, now they're not handled at all
life.lsp added content
markdown.lsp mistaken quoting
mycroft.lsp moved to new location
mystic-rose-canvas.lsp added content
newlisp-parser-test.lsp fixes for newLISP 10.6...
newlisp-parser.lsp fixes for newLISP 10.6...
newlisp.plist added
newlispdoc-ext.lsp spelling
point-inside-poly.lsp added content
reversi.lsp added content
sparkline.lsp moved to new location
sqlite-periodic-table.lsp why was I accessing a nonexistent table name - I don't know… :(
tictactoe-gui.lsp added content
timeutilities.lsp misc updates and changes


Here are some bits of newLISP code I've written over the years.

Some of this code was discussed in more detail at the newlisper blog, which is archived [here](

Happy hacking

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