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Helm chart for Cortex
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Repository for the Cortex Helm chart. Follow the instructions below to install/upgrade Cortex in your Kubernetes cluster after cloning this repository.


Cortex can be installed in your Kubernetes cluster using the following command:

  helm install cortex --name cortex --namespace cortex <path-to-cortex-helm-chart>

or if you have custom options or values you want to override:

  helm install cortex --name cortex --namespace cortex -f my-cortex-values.yaml <path-to-cortex-helm-chart>

As part of this chart many different pods and services are installed which all have varying resource requirements. Please make sure that you have sufficient resources (CPU/memory) available in your cluster before installing Cortex Helm chart.

Additionally, the default chart installation expects Cortex pods to be deployed on nodes with taints "dedicated=cortex" and memcached pods on nodes with taints "dedicated=cortex-memcached". Additonally, Cortex pods have node affinity for nodes which match the expression "dedicated=cortex" and mamcached pods have affinity for "dedicated=cortex-memcached" nodes.


To upgrade Cortex use the following command:

  helm upgrade cortex -f my-cortex-values.yaml <path-to-cortex-helm-chart>
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