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Example application code for the python architecture book


Each chapter has its own branch which contains all the commits for that chapter, so it has the state that corresponds to the end of that chapter. If you want to try and code along with a chapter, you'll want to check out the branch for the previous chapter.


Branches for the exercises follow the convention {chatper_name}_exercise, eg


  • docker with docker-compose
  • for chapters 1 and 2, and optionally for the rest: a local python3.7 virtualenv

Building the containers

(this is only required from chapter 3 onwards)

make build
make up
# or
make all # builds, brings containers up, runs tests

Running the tests

make test
# or, to run individual test types
make unit
make integration
make e2e
# or, if you have a local virtualenv
make up
pytest tests/unit
pytest tests/integration
pytest tests/e2e

## Makefile

There are more useful commands in the makefile, have a look and try them out.


Example application code for the python architecture book




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