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Couchbase Documentation

The Couchbase Documentation Repository for Couchbase 4+ DITA based Docs

HTML ID tags

All major content within the documentation should be annotated with ID tags to allow linking to specific sections of content within the documentation. These ID tags should match the title of the section, they must use alpha-numeric lower-case characters only and any spaces must be replaced with underscores.

Code Samples

Inclusion of code samples is an important aspect of our documentation. Code-samples within our documentation should be commited to the devguide-examples repository, and then the same code should be included within the documentation directly as a code block. These code-blocks should have a comment on the first line indicating the source of the code (in the format of a link to the specific file and lines on github). It is the responsibility of the person who changes a code sample to update all links to that code sample file. Note that the devguide-examples has a branch per major.minor version of the documentation starting with 4.5.

Rules on Content

Make sure all topics have a short description, as that is used not only to inform the reader about what is in this document, but it also goes in the meta description in the HTML. Google may use this as the snippet under a link in a search result. They recommend "a page's description meta tag might be a sentence or two or a short paragraph"

An anti-example:

This section bootstraps knowledge on completely asynchronous computations using the SDK."

Replaced with:

The Couchbase Java SDK has a complete asynchronous API based in part on RxJava. This section provides information on how the asynchronous API can be used, how it works with Java platform and RxJava features and the kinds of error handling you will need to consider in application development.

That may even be a little long, but this was for a long page. Note that it gets in keywords like Java and RxJava.

Generating Documentation

Docs are generated with DITA OT. Technically, we have a forked version of DITA OT. As of this writing, we know this exists but we don't quite know why it was forked and it was done without history. That's a todo for later.

Generating docs is done like this:

dita -f html5 -i cb-docs.ditamap -o ~/tmp/output/