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Vultr API v2 PHP class wrapper

PHP class built for the Vultr API v2. Do all server actions along with Vultr account services like Block storage, backups, DNS, network, snapshots, Custom ISO's, saved ip addresses and much more.


Install with:

composer require corbpie/vultr-api-v2

Example usage:

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use Corbpie\VultrAPIv2\VultrAPI;

$vultr = new VultrAPI();

echo $vultr->listServers();//Lists all server instances for account

Current version

2.3 Feb 21 2024


  • PHP 8.2

Vultr API key obtained form your Vultr account menu.

Add your Vultr API key line 8: src/class.php


List all instances:


Create a server

$vultr->serverCreateDC(19);//Sydney Australia location
$vultr->serverCreatePlan(202);//(2048 MB RAM,55 GB SSD,2.00 TB BW)
$vultr->serverCreateType('ISO', 146817);//Deploy with my custom ISO id:146817
$vultr->serverCreateLabel('Created with API');//label instance as "Created with API"
echo $vultr->serverCreate();//Creates instance/server with parameters set above (returns subid)

See example.php for more.


  • A proper readme