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How to submit an editorial issue

sdutoit edited this page Apr 16, 2013 · 15 revisions

Do you have an editorial issue in the C++ standards draft to report? Here's how.

If you have a fix in git... If you don't have a fix in git...

If you've already checked out the standard sources, and you were able to fix the issue yourself, submit a github pull request with your fix.
This can shorten the time it takes to apply your fix considerably, and is always appreciated! Thanks!

If you are unable to provide a patch, create an issue in the issue tracker.


Please describe your issue clearly, either in your commit message or in your issue report.

Briefly describe the problem - why is it editorial, why is it a problem, and what is the suggested fix?

Use the "[]" style to specify the location of your issue, never numeric sections.

Be as precise as possible as to the location of the problem. For example, include the paragraph number if you can.

If you are reporting an inconsistency between a standards draft and a paper that you feel was incorrectly applied, please provide a link to the paper and describe the section of the paper you are referring to.


Thanks for your contribution!

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