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Document Number: N4699
Date:            2017-10-16
Project:         Programming Language C++
Project Number:  TS 19570
Reply-to:        Jared Hoberock
                 NVIDIA Corporation

Parallelism TS Editor's Report, pre-Albuquerque mailing

N4698 is the proposed working draft of Parallelism TS Version 2. It contains changes to the Parallelism TS as directed by the committee at the Toronto meeting, and editorial changes.

N4698 updates the previous draft, N4669, published in the pre-Toronto mailing.

Technical Changes

  • Apply P0076R4 - Vector and Wavefront Policies.

Editorial Changes

  • Reformat Table 1 - Feature Test Macro(s), to match the style of the Library Fundamentals TS.


  • The pre-existing content of N4698 has not yet been harmonized with C++17. As a result, this content is named and namespaced inconsistently with the newly applied content of P0076R4. We anticipate that these inconsistencies will be harmonized by a future revision.
  • N4698 contains forward references to for_loop and for_loop_strided. We anticipate their introduction in a future revision.