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bb is an inoffical command line tool deeply inspired by the official GitHub CLI. It brings pull requests, downloads, and other bitbucket concepts to your terminal.

screenshot showing



Check out the Releases page where you can find the latest releases built for every environment. This includes builds for macOS, Windows, Debian, and many more!


brew tap craftamap/tap && brew install bb

Arch / AUR

yay bbcli-git

Using go get

Make sure you have a working Go environment. Follow the Go install instructions.

go get

Building from source

Make sure you have a working Go environment. Follow the Go install instructions.

git clone
go build


You need to authenticate with your credentials first. You should generate a app password for that. Make sure to grant read and write access to the features you want to use. (Recommended:Repositories: Read/Write, Pull Requests: Read/Write, Pipelines: Read/Write, Account: Email/Read, Workspace membership: Read/Write)

Run the following command to enter your username and password:

bb auth login

Your credentials will be stored to ~/.config/bb/configuration.toml.


To see all available commands, use bb without any subcommand. Many commands support the --web-flag to execute the action in the browser, or open the browser after performing an specific action.

Pull Requests

You can use bb pr create to create new pull requests.

Create prs within seconds

Also, you can use bb pr to list (bb pr list), view (bb pr view) or merge existing pull requests (bb pr merge) and see how their pipelines ran (bb pr statuses). Use bb pr comments to see the discussion of a pull request. Use bb pr checkout to checkout the branch of a pull request.

Manage prs like a ruler


Manage downloads by listing (bb downloads list), downloading (bb downloads <file name>) or uploading (br downloads upload) them.

up and down


Check the latest pipeline executions by running bb pipelines list. Find out more about them by running bb pipelines view <pipeline id>, or view their logs by running bb pipelines logs <pipeline id>.

never gonna give you up


View basic repository information by running bb repo view, or open the repository in the browser by using bb repo view --web.

A repo in all its beauty


If you have the native bitbucket issues enabled in your project, you can list all open issues by typing bb issue list. You can also create new ones using bb issue create, update existing ones using bb issue update <id>, delete and view existing ones with bb issue delete <id> and bb issue view <id> and comment them using bb issue comment <id>.


Used Libraries

We use the following bitbucket libary:

Thanks a lot for the work!