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A react-based family tree builder
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React Family Tree

A preliminary proof-of-concept for a React-based HTML tree structure builder. Primarily conceived for family trees, but applicable to all kinds of organizational charts where a tree structure is appropriate. A good exercise in recursive data structures in React.

Example / Usage

See the example at

Current Features:

  • Add and edit nodes, partner nodes, and child nodes.
  • Generates semantically meaningful nested HTML.
  • CSS is programatically customized to allow all sorts of relationships: multiple partners, different children with each partner, and more to come.

Planned features:

  • Customizable node data
  • Move nodes (including drag-and-drop)
  • Delete nodes
  • Save, reload, export to HTML.
  • Display a set number of levels. -- This will permit a mobile-friendly mode that displays one level at a time. -- Also, a nice SEO-friendly paradigm would be to pre-render a separate one-level page for every node.
  • New relationships: co-parents, anything else that comes to mind.

But how?

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