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This is the craigslist blob python package. It contains a blob storage library, client and server. For full documentation, run pydoc on the command line with package and module names:

pydoc clblob

An HTML version of the documentation can also be built. Once complete, point a browser to: doc/_build/html/index.html:

python build_sphinx

To install the package (use --prefix option for a specific location):

python install

To run the test suite:

python nosetests

If python-coverage is installed, text and HTML code coverage reports can be generated for the test suite and command line programs by running:


There are a number of code style checks already in place using the tools below. While they are good settings for now, don't hesitate to bring up any violations encountered for discussion if it should be allowed. To run the checks:

pylint -iy --rcfile .pylintrc clblob test
pep8 --ignore=E128 -r .
pyflakes . | grep -v "undefined name '_'"

To build a source tarball for distribution (see 'dist' directory after):

python sdist