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Goarion is a Go wrapper for Arion, a fast thumbnail creation and image metadata extraction library.

While Arion provides a powerful CLI and C++ library, Goarion supplements its functionality by allowing for quick and easy Go integration. Goarion is intended for creating microservices and batch processing tools, and allows effortless parallelization of Arion operations (see bench). Goarion can perform over 800 image resizes per second on server-grade hardware.

Example Applications:

  • On-the-fly image resize/watermarking API
  • Batch resize/watermark operations on large datasets
  • Existing Go projects that need image manipulation

This project was inspired by the T-REZ library.


Below are a few illustrative benchmarks of Goarion from start to finish (reading input image -> generating final JPEG). (see raw results).

Hardware: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 MacBook Pro (Mid 2015)
Cores: 4 physical cores, 8 logical cores
OS: MacOS X El Capitan

Stat Resize Resize + Sharpen Resize + Sharpen + Watermark
mean 54.07 ms 65.81 ms 70.83 ms
min 28.94 ms 30.66 ms 32.73 ms
max 123.51 ms 174.79 ms 195.96 ms
%99 104.92 ms 128.32 ms 134.39 ms
stdDev 16.31 ms 25.143 ms 27.72 ms
rate 148.2 ops/sec 119.0 ops/sec 113.3 ops/sec
count 4500 3000 3000

Hardware: Intel Xeon CPU E5-2698 v4 @ 2.20GHz
Cores: 20 physical cores, 40 logical cores
OS: Ubuntu Xenial 16.04

Stat Resize Resize + Sharpen Resize + Sharpen + Watermark
mean 49.77 ms 61.16 ms 67.88 ms
min 17.95 ms 18.32 ms 20.62 ms
max 331.81 ms 292.40 ms 200.48 ms
%99 112.12 ms 143.85 ms 138.77 ms
stdDev 22.72 ms 29.00 ms 32.37 ms
rate 810.1 ops/sec 668.9 ops/sec 572.7 ops/sec
count 90000 30000 30000


Installation assumes Ubuntu-based system, but Goarion has been tested on MacOS X as well and installation is very similar.

Install Go if you haven't already (for other OSs see https://golang.org/doc/install)

sudo apt install golang-go

Make sure your Go path is set

vim ~/.bashrc
# Add this line to you .bashrc (~/.bash_profile on MacOS X)
export GOPATH=~/code/go
source ~/.bashrc

Create the project directory structure and clone the repo

mkdir -p src/github.com/creativemarket
cd src/github.com/creativemarket
git clone git@github.com:creativemarket/goarion.git

NOTE: before building Goarion you have to install the Arion library by following the steps here: https://github.com/creativemarket/arion#installation

Satisfy Go dependencies (this will recursively install them using the Go standard directory structure)

cd goarion
go get ./...

Running the benchmark

Build the benchmark (this shows sample usage of the library)

cd bench
go build

The following script benchmarks a few different operations and serves as an example of various use cases


Running test cases

cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/creativemarket/goarion
go test

If Go complains about not being able to find stretchr/testify you can install it manually with

go get github.com/stretchr/testify

You should see the following after running go test

ok  	github.com/creativemarket/goarion	1.131s