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MisinfoSec (The Intersection of Misinformation and InfoSec)

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Co-chairs: Sara-Jayne Terp, Christopher R. Walker, John Gray

Members: Olya Gurevich, Courtney Crooks, Pablo Breuer, Chau Tong, David Black

Mission Statement

The CredCo Misinfosec Working Group (“wg-misinfosec”) aims to develop a framework for the understanding of organized communications attacks (disinformation, misinformation and network propaganda). Specifically we would like to promote a more formal and rigorous treatment of

  1. Types of information-based attacks; and
  2. Types of defense from information-based attacks

Among the operating assumptions of the group will that social and cognitive factors can "scale up and down" within the framework -- facilitating some definitional and procedural crossover in both the construction of a framework for understanding these attacks and in their detection. In this sense scales might be formulated as:

  • ACTIONS: What are the atomic "actions" in propaganda attacks?
  • TACTICS: How do actions combine to form larger events, including more complex actions and "attacks"?
  • STRATEGY: How do the instances of attacks and actions combine to form "campaigns".

The main objectives or the group will be to:

Define major terms of art at focal points on the scale, with an emphasis on descriptive or procedural rigor; Outline the state-of-the-art "Blue Team" options for defense and counter-attack

Ratified by acclamation, January 10, 2019


Here are some resources you may find useful.

This blog post from Sara-Jayne does a good job setting the scene.

This blog post tells you where we are in Summer 2019.

Scope and Deliverables

Definitions and examples at all scales of the misinfosec domain.

Phase One (2 months)

Refine the framework from 30K feet: Are the focal points on the scale correct? Starting from Tim Boucher's medium post on tactics, finalize set ACTIONS to define and propose strawman definitions for each.

Phase Two (4+ months)

More concretely, the working group will produce:

  • A text resource consisting of definitions and a strawman framework combining the elements above;
  • A blog post highlighting some common attacks in the wild

In addition, the working group may produce:

  • A blog post highlighting a successful defense in the wild
  • A blog post on the framework documents


This working group is currently scheduled to meet for a 6-month time period: from December 2018 until June 2019; review of scope and extension to timeline will be reviewed in April-May 2019.

Success Criteria

Timely delivery of the products mentioned above, participation in working groups, positively contributing to working group discussions and actively sharing findings with the broader CredCo community are indicators of success.


All of our working documents will be publicly accessible via our shared Google Drive folder for the 6 month duration of this working group, though not actively publicized. You should be okay with public attribution of your work in the form of blog posts or publications.

Communication Mechanisms

The working group will be holding weekly meetings at the same time. Notes will be taken from each meeting. We also have a Slack channel for regular communications, research brainstorming and sharing of relevant resources.


Any interested new participants can join the group at any time. The purpose and research agenda of the group is defined by this document and will only be changed with the approval of all group members.

Weekly planning meeting occurs Thursday after the CredCo telecon, please contact the co-chairs for more information.

How to Join the Working Group

Anyone can join the working group after reviewing and consenting to the working group charter. Any interested new participants can email someone already involved for more information.

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