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Service Impersonator for the future 🎭


What exactly is Mimic?

It’s a set of NPM libraries, CLI tool and Desktop application built around the idea of faking real service by implementing its contract.

So why would you need this tool in the first place? Though faking services is pretty trivial, but you still need to provide responses for every endpoint. Mimic on the contrary can read your service definition and generate responses for you. Check out Wiki with detailed instructions.

Supported service protocols:

Supported client protocols:

Supported proxy protocols:


If you want to help with the project, simply clone down this reposity, install dependencies, and get started on your application. The use of the yarn package manager is strongly recommended, as opposed to using npm.

# clone the repo locally
git clone

# install dependencies

# Compile local packages
yarn lerna

Development Scripts

# Project uses conventional commit linter. The easiest way to make a commit is by using this command
yarn commit

# run application in development mode
yarn dev

# compile source code and create webpack output
yarn compile

# `yarn compile` & create build with electron-builder
yarn dist

# `yarn compile` & create unpacked build with electron-builder
yarn dist:dir


For more information about contributing new features and bug fixes, see our Contribution Guidelines.


Mimic is licensed under Apache License Version 2.0