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Center of Research and Development

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  1. generic-addons generic-addons Public

    Set of generic addons for Odoo

    Python 33 32

  2. crnd-web crnd-web Public

    CR&D Web Addons

    JavaScript 9 19

  3. crnd-deploy crnd-deploy Public

    CR&D Deploy - The simple way to install production-ready Odoo instances

    Shell 18 13

  4. yodoo-apps-database yodoo-apps-database Public

    Yodoo Apps Database - easy way to manage your odoo addons

    Python 1 2

  5. bureaucrat-knowledge bureaucrat-knowledge Public

    Bureaucrat Knowledge - a set of odoo modules that allows you to easily manage your knowledge

    Python 3 1

  6. yodoo-client yodoo-client Public

    The client addon for Yodoo Cockpit

    Python 2 1


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