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Crosswalk App Tools iOS Backend
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Crosswalk App Tools iOS Backend

The iOS backend for Crosswalk application command line tools to create and package Crosswalk iOS applications.


iOS backend only works on Mac OS X. The following components are required:

  1. Xcode 7 above * Install Xcode through Mac App Store

  2. Node.js and NPM * Use HomeBrew or MacPorts to install Node.js and NPM.

  3. Git & Ruby * Should be pre-installed on your Mac already.

  4. CocoaPods * Install CocoaPods through ruby gem: sudo gem install cocoapods.

In order to get the crosswalk-app script available everywhere, global NPM installation is required.

npm install -g crosswalk-app-tools
npm install -g crosswalk-app-tools-backend-ios


For the detailed usage, please refer to the Usage section in Crosswalk App tools.

To create an iOS project, use:

crosswalk-app create <package-id> --platforms=ios     Create project <package-id>
                                                      for platform iOS.

Run development versions from git

  1. Clone App Tool:
git clone
  1. Install App Tool's dependencies:
cd crosswalk-app-tools
npm install
  1. Install iOS backend:
cd node_modules
git clone crosswalk-app-tools-backend-ios
cd crosswalk-app-tools-backend-ios
npm install
cd ../..
  1. The main script is crosswalk-app-tools/src/crosswalk-app. Add it into PATH environment variable, or invoke the script within the directory path.


Crosswalk App Tools iOS Backend is available under the Apache V2 license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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