Cryptomator Command Line Interface
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Cryptomator CLI

This is a minimal command-line program that unlocks vaults which can then be accessed via an embedded WebDAV server.


This project is in an early stage and not ready for production use. We recommend to use it only for testing and evaluation purposes.

Download and Usage

Download the jar file via GitHub Releases.

Cryptomator CLI depends on Java 8. In addition, the JCE unlimited strength policy files must be installed (needed for 256-bit keys).

java -jar cryptomator-cli-x.y.z.jar \
    --vault demoVault=/path/to/vault --password demoVault=topSecret \
    --vault otherVault=/path/to/differentVault --passwordfile otherVault=/path/to/fileWithPassword \
    --bind --port 8080
# you can now mount http://localhost:8080/demoVault/

Then you can access the vault using any WebDAV client.

Linux via davfs2

First, you need to create a mount point for your vault

sudo mkdir /media/your/mounted/folder

Then you can mount the vault

sudo mount -t davfs http://localhost:8080/demoVault/ /media/your/mounted/folder

To unmount the vault, run

sudo umount /media/your/mounted/folder

macOS via AppleScript

Mount the vault with

osascript -e 'mount volume "http://localhost:8080/demoVault/"'

Unmount the vault with

osascript -e 'tell application "Finder" to if "demoVault" exists then eject "demoVault"'


This project is dual-licensed under the AGPLv3 for FOSS projects as well as a commercial license derived from the LGPL for independent software vendors and resellers. If you want to use this library in applications, that are not licensed under the AGPL, feel free to contact our support team.