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Chrome React Perf



  • Automatically show result when stop
  • Stop recording when Perf tab is closed

Link to chrome store

How to get it work

  • Install the extension from Chrome Store
  • Expose Perf (make sure Perf.start() can run from console)

Expose Perf

Chrome React Perf rely on a global variable called Perf. There are several ways to do that.

  • use webpack's expose loader

    import 'expose?Perf!react-addons-perf'


    loaders: [
        test: require.resolve("react-addons-perf"),
        loader: "expose?Perf"
  • assign it to window

    import Perf from 'react-addons-perf'
    window.Perf = Perf
  • If something goes wrong, open an issue or tweet me: @crysislinux.

Install dependencies

npm install

Start with Hot Reloading

npm run dev

Build production version

npm run build



  • Start && Stop && Print
  • Get a better logo (Thanks to rubencodes)
  • Support multiple profiles
  • Save settings to localStorage