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Official content for Harvard CS109
Python CSS
Latest commit caffc21 @ChrisBeaumont ChrisBeaumont Update statistical graphics gallery.
Remove a redundant import
Update a dead URL
Show a missing bar
Add references to seaborn, prettyplotlib
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labs Typo
matplotlib_examples matplotlib examples
.gitignore changed .gitignore to not catch dotfiles
HW0.ipynb update HW0
HW0_solutions.ipynb Revert "update README"
HW1.ipynb typo
HW1_solutions.ipynb Revert "update README"
HW2.ipynb typo: pass n_folds properly
HW2_solutions.ipynb Revert "update README"
HW3.ipynb underscore
HW3_solutions.ipynb Revert "update README"
HW4.ipynb Merge pull request #3 from DavidChouinard/master
HW4_solutions.ipynb Revert "update README"
HW5.ipynb fixed vote number typo in get_senate_vote function spec
HW5_solutions.ipynb Revert "update README"
InstructionsForAmazonEMR.ipynb fixed env vars
LICENSE Initial commit Updated readmes added Brandon's solution, files added Brandon's solution, files
imdb_top_10000.txt added wrangling notebook
lec_03_statistical_graphs.ipynb Update statistical graphics gallery.
lec_03_statistical_graphs_mpl_default.ipynb Update statistical graphics gallery.
lec_04_scraping.ipynb Lecture 4 updates
lec_04_wrangling.ipynb Added link to data
lec_10_cross_val.ipynb Added CV example link added
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