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Haskell binding for Bullet physics engine
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Haskell binding for Bullet physics engine.

Binding for bullet-2.79.


  • get bullet-2.79 physics engine from

  • compile and install the library:

    • cd bullet-2.79
    • cmake . -DBUILD_DEMOS=NO (on OSX for 32 bit GHC also add -DCMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES='i386')
    • make
    • sudo make install
  • compile and install the haskell bullet binding:

    • cabal install (run command in the bullet.cabal's directory)
  • compile and run the example (needs OpenGL and GLUT):

    • cd Examples
    • ghc --make -O2 BulletExample
    • ./BulletExample

Howto generate binding:

  • copy and run prepareHeaders.hs executable to bullet/src
  • move the generated bullet directory to bullet binding directory
  • from cbits folder copy HaskellBulletAPI.h and GLDebugDrawer.h to generated bullet folder and copy to generated bullet folder also
  • execute in bullet directory
  • copy generated files
    • (Physics directory to binding directory)
    • (Bullet.[h/cpp] to cbits directory)
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