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Build and Test

California Simulation Engine (CSE)

CSE is a general purpose building simulation model developed primarily to perform the required calculations for the California Building Energy Code Compliance for Residential buildings (CBECC-Res) software.

CSE User Manual

The CSE User Manual can be found on the CSE Documentation Web Site:

Issues and Issue Reporting

All known issues are listed on our Issue Tracker. New issues can be reported there, as well.


CSE is configured as a CMake project. Currently, CMake is only configured to generate Microsoft Visual Studio solutions compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ (other generators and compilers will not work). A batch script is set up for automatic project setup. Simply double click or run the build.bat script in the root directory. All products (e.g., CSE.exe) will be placed in a directory called msvc.


Automated testing of your build can be executed by running after building the entire solution

ctest -C Release

from the msvc\build directory.


  • Microsoft Visual Visual C++ (v142 toolset)
  • CMake 3.10 or later

Note: Generating the documentation requires additional tools. See doc\