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Jeff writing code on stream

Jeff Fritz writes code live on video streams, and wants to give you a central place to ask questions, find samples, and links to projects and other materials referenced during the show.

Watch LIVE

Jeff currently presents on Twitch

You can find his current schedule on the Twitch channel's page, and if you follow or subscribe to the channel you will be notified when the stream begins.

Get the Music!

Our friend Carl Franklin from .NET Rocks has graciously allowed us to play some of his Music to Code By during the stream. Buy the music, or get a subscription with the mobile app at

Watch recordings

Archive of all shows from the stream can be found on Jeff's YouTube Fritz and Friends playlist.

Ask Questions

If you want to know more about something or want to see a demo of something specific, you can ask Jeff by opening an issue and adding the 'Question' label.

The list of currently outstanding questions is available. When questions are answered, they are closed and links are added to the wrap-up blog post for the stream they were answered in.

Current Projects

Jeff has been working on the following projects on stream:

  • Fritz.StreamTools - (Formerly called RunDown) An ASP.NET Core project that will manage show information for streamers and provide easy browser-based plugins for your video content.
  • CoreWiki - An ASP.NET Core based content management system that has been built from scratch as a learner's project on stream.

Former Projects

  • Fritz.ConfigurationBuilders - A collection of ConfigurationBuilders for .NET 4.7.1 and later that support loading application configuration from other sources include INI, YML, and RSS
  • Fritz.EpicBuildMusic - A Visual Studio extension that is designed to make working in Visual Studio a little more fun.


I enjoy having guests join me for some pair-programming, because we're always going to learn something new together. More information about my scheduled guests can how you can join me as a guest on the stream can be found on the guests page.

Jeff's Setup

Jeff has written about how he has the hardware configured as well as the software to produce stream on his blog.

  • Jeff uses Posh-Git to make the Powershell prompt easier to navigate while working with Git repositories
  • When coding with a guest, Jeff and the guest use Visual Studio Live Share to work on code on screen at the same time.
  • Jeff uses a bunch of great Visual Studio extensions, and you can find that list on the WebTools repository.