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Teknologsektionen Informationsteknik

IT-sektionen Chalmers


  1. Gamma Public

    OAuth2 SSO for the IT-division

    Java 5 6

  2. dokument Public

    Dokument tillhörande Teknologsektionen Informationsteknik på Chalmers Tekniska Högskola

    TeX 2 18

  3. VoteIT Public

    Voting website hosted on a node.js server

    JavaScript 4 25

  4. built with Rails

    SCSS 4 6

  5. EatIT Public

    Meteor app for ordering food (mostly pizza)

    JavaScript 6 5

  6. A collection of components that digIT uses in their websites. Uses libraries like material-ui and yup.

    JavaScript 3 2


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