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First check is to support models with no primary key

Also I changed c.is_a?(Class) to Class === c because of the following error:

Unable to annotate my_model.rb: wrong number of arguments(2 for 1)
(.../activesupport-3.2.5/lib/active_support/option_merger.rb:22:in `is_a?')

I didn't find the reason of that error, just tried Class === c and it worked.

And I had to add the last check because of some strange errors from factory_girl:

Unable to annotate my_model.rb: undefined method `include?' for
(.../lib/annotate/annotate_models.rb:322:in `block in get_loaded_model')

I've found that it was trying to get ancestors for instance of FactoryGirl::DefinitionProxy, which seems to be making a lot of magic.


How does one create an ActiveRecord object with no primary key anyway? Can you write (or at least describe) a unit test for this?


In the migration you can write

create_table :items_users, :id => false do |t|
  t.references :item
  t.references :user

When you create habtm associations, you need such a migration, and in some odd cases you may need the model itself for this association.

@arturtr arturtr commented on the diff Jun 18, 2012
@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ def get_schema_info(klass, header, options = {})
attrs = []
attrs << "default(#{quote(col.default)})" unless col.default.nil?
attrs << "not null" unless col.null
- attrs << "primary key" if == klass.primary_key.to_sym
+ attrs << "primary key" if klass.primary_key && == klass.primary_key.to_sym
arturtr added a line comment Jun 18, 2012

I solve this problem this way:

attrs << "primary key" if == klass.primary_key.try(:to_sym)
alexch added a line comment Jul 13, 2012

"try" seems like a fun method. Where is it defined?

alexch added a line comment Jul 14, 2012
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Would really like to see this merged. I can't annotate any Factory Girl factories without it.


@adie Thanks for fixing the is_a? bug - I was running into that too.


Done. Sadly my git fu was not strong enough to properly credit adie so her fork will appear to be dangling, but the fix is in 076e778

@alexch alexch closed this Jul 27, 2012
@lime lime pushed a commit to lime/annotate_models that referenced this pull request Nov 5, 2013
@alexch alexch Integrate various fixes around finding model classes, including ctran#82 076e778
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