ReactPHP stratum+tcp proxy between miners and pools with database and frontend.
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LICENSE Updated README file. Mar 22, 2016


ReactPHP stratum+tcp proxy between miners and pools with database and minimal web interface.

Used to demostrate how pools steal your hash by renaming worker names and redirecting the hashrate.

Used² to recommend you to mine only on trusted (self owned!) pools.

Basically it may be run with the following command (remember first to install dependencies with $ composer):

$ php bin/php-proxy-stratum-daemon.php

Or use the init script:

 $ sudo cp dist/ /etc/init.d/php-proxy-stratum
 $ sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/php-proxy-stratum
 $ sudo update-rc.d php-proxy-stratum defaults
 $ sudo update-rc.d php-proxy-stratum enable
 $ sudo service php-proxy-stratum start

And feel free to connect your miners at port 3333, also you can configure your webserver with pub/ as the document root and php-proxy-stratum.php as the index file.

The mining and all other configurations are hardcoded, please review/modify the daemon code before run it.

Currently the web interface features auto refresh and pool switch; a snapshot may look like (yes, is just json output):

2015-12-10 17:32:52

    "result": [
            "key": 27,
            "user": "analpaper.2",
            "version": "cgminer\/4.8.0",
            "since": "2015-12-10T16:56:22+0000",
            "last": "2015-12-10T17:32:46+0000",
            "pool": {
                "id": 0,
                "url": "",
                "port": 3333,
                "user": "analpaper.0",
                "pass": "x"
            "pending": [],
            "diff": 3801,
            "2min avg": "5,71 TH\/s"
            "key": 35,
            "user": "analpaper.3",
            "version": "cgminer\/4.8.0",
            "since": "2015-12-10T16:56:24+0000",
            "last": "2015-12-10T17:32:47+0000",
            "pool": {
                "id": "1",
                "url": "",
                "port": "3333",
                "user": "analpaper.0",
                "pass": "x"
            "pending": [],
            "diff": 1042,
            "2min avg": "1,23 TH\/s"
    "pid": 22559,
    "mem": "1.5mb"


Very special thanks to:


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