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ProtectionAreas plugin for Cuberite
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This plugin lets VIP users define areas of the world where only specified users are allowed to build and dig.

An area is defined by the VIP by using a Wand item (by default, a stick with a meta 1) by left-clicking and right-clicking in two opposite corners of the area, then issuing a /protection add command. Multiple users can be allowed in a single area. There is no hardcoded limit on the number of areas or the number of players allowed in a single area. Areas can overlap; in such a case, if a user is allowed in any one of the overlapping areas, they are allowed to build / dig.

The protected areas are stored in an SQLite database in a file "ProtectionAreas.sqlite" that is created next to the Cuberite executable. The plugin has its configuration options stored in a "ProtectionAreas.ini" file.


The configuration is stored in the ProtectionAreas.ini file next to the Cuberite executable in a regular manner.

The wand item can be specified in the configuration. By default, a stick with meta 1 is used, but any valid item can be used. Stored in the [ProtectionAreas].WandItem value.

If there is no area, players can be either allowed to interact freely or not at all, based on the setting in the [ProtectionAreas].AllowInteractNoArea value. Accepted values are 0 and 1.



Command Permission Description
/protection add protection.add adds a new protected area using wand
/protection addc protection.add adds a new protected area with explicitly specified coordinates
/protection del protection.del deletes the specified area.
/protection list protection.list lists all areas in the specified place
/protection user add protection.user.add adds the specified users to the allowed users in the specified area
/protection user list protection.user.list lists all the allowed users for the specified area
/protection user remove protection.user.remove removes the specified users from the allowed users in the specified area
/protection user strip protection.user.strip removes the user from all areas in this world
/protection wand protection.wand gives the Wand item


Permissions Description Commands Recommended groups
protection.add /protection addc, /protection add
protection.del /protection del
protection.list /protection list
protection.user.add /protection user add
protection.user.list /protection user list
protection.user.remove /protection user remove
protection.user.strip /protection user strip
protection.wand /protection wand
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