UNMAINTAINED AND OUT OF DATE. Tool to install multiple versions of PHP beside each other
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Set of scripts to install a dozen of PHP versions in parallel on a system. It also creates a Pyrus installation for each PHP version. Primarily developed for PEAR's continuous integration machine.

The PHP source packages are fetched from museum.php.net (which is not always up-to-date), the official php.net download pages and the pre-release channels. If a file cannot be found, try to fetch it manually and put it into src/bzips/


  • Check out phpfarm from git: git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/phpfarm/code phpfarm
  • cd phpfarm/src/
  • ./compile.sh 5.3.0
  • PHP gets installed into phpfarm/inst/php-$version/
  • phpfarm/inst/bin/php-$version is also executable. You should add inst/bin to your $PATH, i.e. PATH="$PATH:$HOME/phpfarm/inst/bin" in .bashrc, as well as inst/current-bin.


Default configuration options are in src/options.sh. You may create version-specific custom option files:

  • custom-options.sh
  • custom-options-5.sh
  • custom-options-5.3.sh
  • custom-options-5.3.1.sh

The shell script needs to define a variable "$configoptions" with all ./configure options. Do not try to change prefix and exec-prefix.

php.ini values may also be customized:

  • custom-php.ini
  • custom-php-5.ini
  • custom-php-5.3.ini
  • custom-php-5.3.1.ini

Switching default PHP versions

Using the command switch-phpfarm, you can make one of the installed PHP versions the default one that gets run when just typing php:

$ switch-phpfarm
Switch the currently active PHP version of phpfarm
Available versions:
$ switch-phpfarm 5.4.6
Setting active PHP version to 5.4.6
PHP 5.4.6 (cli) (built: Sep 13 2012 11:24:56) (DEBUG)

You need to have inst/current-bin in your $PATH to make this work.

About phpfarm

Written by Christian Weiske, cweiske@cweiske.de

Homepage: https://sourceforge.net/p/phpfarm

Licensed under the AGPL v3 or later.