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ssheven box


A minimal new SSH client for Mac OS 7/8/9.

Project status: as of 0.8.0 (see github releases), fairly secure and usable, but without a polished UX or all planned features. Versions prior to 1.0.0 should be considered alpha/beta quality.

ssheven screenshot

system requirements

  • CPU: Any PPC processor, or at least a 68030 (68040 strongly recommended).
  • RAM: 2MB.
  • Disk space: fits on a floppy.
  • System 7.1 or later. Versions below 7.5 require the Thread Manager extension.
  • Open Transport networking required, latest version possible highly recommended.



  • basic scp file transfer
  • general code cleanup

1.0.0 (first "real" release)

  • configurable terminal string
  • configurable/auto-choosing SSH buffer size (improves feel for faster machines)
  • nicer error presentation for more failure cases
  • add known_hosts reset option
  • read Apple HIG and clean up UI/UX
  • all license info in an about box type thing
  • finish and upload papercraft box, floppy sticker artwork, icon/logo svg

known problems

  • drawing the screen is somewhat slow
  • input latency feels high because redrawing the screen is slow (along with all the encryption, which is also slow)
  • receiving a large amount of data may break the channel or cause lockups (e.g. cat /dev/zero)
  • non-US keyboard input may or may not have issues

possible upcoming features

  • more complete color support (currently uses the default Mac 8 color palette)
  • keyboard-interactive authentication


Uses Retro68 and cmake.

Requires mbedtls, libssh2, and libvterm, see my (cy384's) ports of those libraries for details. Note that you need to build/install each for both platforms (m68k and PPC).

To build a fat binary, edit build-ssheven.bash with the path to your Retro68 build, and then run it.


Licensed under the BSD 2 clause license, see LICENSE file.