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Releases: cyanfish/naps2


08 Jan 01:14
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7.0b3 Pre-release

Changes in 7.0b3:

  • Bug fixes


03 Jan 04:37
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7.0b2 Pre-release

Changes in 7.0b2:

  • Bug fixes


02 Jan 04:02
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7.0b1 Pre-release

Changes in 7.0b1:

  • Most NAPS2 code has been rewritten. Things should mostly look the same but under the hood there are many differences.
  • Added Mac support
    • Supports macOS 10.15 and later
    • The Universal download should work for all users. Or you can use the Intel/Apple Silicon downloads for a smaller download/install size if you know which one your Mac has.
    • NAPS2 on Mac bundles SANE drivers for USB scanners, allowing supported scanners to be used even on new M1/M2 Macs (which normally wouldn't work without manufacturer-provided drivers)
  • Added native Linux support
    • Requires Flatpak for installation (
    • Mono is no longer required
    • The UI should now feel like a native Linux app
    • Much better performance and reliability
  • TWAIN support has been reworked
    • Some lifecycle-related issues should hopefully be fixed (e.g. only being able to scan once)
    • With "Use predefined settings", TWAIN now uses the built-in NAPS2 progress window, which allows multitasking
    • TWAIN UI should no longer be visible in console and batch mode
    • TWAIN should also now support scanning larger images (e.g. 1200dpi) without out-of-memory issues
  • Upgraded Tesseract to 5.2.0 for OCR
    • Up to 30% faster OCR performance
    • Tesseract is now bundled with the NAPS2 download, so no extra download is required (though you still need to download language data if you don't already have it).
  • PDF import and export have been rewritten to leverage Pdfium
    • This means better support for importing different kinds of PDFs
    • In some cases this means much faster import/export
    • Pdfium is bundled with the NAPS2 download so there is no longer an extra download needed to import non-NAPS2 PDFs
  • New Crop UI
  • Minor tweaks to blank page detection
  • Image list tweaks
    • Selected images appear with just a blue border
    • Spacing has been optimized
  • New automatic image correction functionality (work in progress)
    • "Document Correction" under the Image menu
    • Automatic fixing of color calibration, noise, skew, and other common scanning issues
    • Eventually this will be integrated into profiles
  • JPEG2000 support for importing/saving images (Mac only for now)
  • Dropped support for rarely-used image file formats (.emf, .exif, .gif)
    • Please request if you want this back
  • NAPS2 on Windows now requires .NET Framework 4.6.2
    • This means no more support for Windows XP
    • Windows 7 SP1 is now the minimum requirement
  • The 64-bit Windows install location is now "Program Files" instead of "Program Files (x86)"
  • The MSI installer now has separate 64-bit and 32-bit downloads
  • The AppData format for config.xml and Tesseract files has changed (will be automatically migrated)
  • Improved icon quality
  • Translations have been moved to Crowdin
  • Various performance and reliability improvements
  • Bug fixes


27 Jul 18:40
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Changes in 6.1.2:

  • Added --autosend support for Gmail in NAPS2.Console
  • Bug fixes


17 Jun 00:58
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Changes in 6.1.1:

  • Faster and more accurate deskew
  • Bug fixes


23 May 15:58
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Changes in 6.1.0:

  • Added a "Single page files" option in PDF Settings
  • Improved accessibility
  • Faster cropping
  • Event logging now uses an XML format
  • Bug fixes


06 Dec 17:45
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6.0b4 Pre-release

Changes in 6.0b4:

  • Beta feedback thread:
  • Upgraded WIA version from 1.0 to 2.0; can be changed back in your profile under Advanced
  • Improved WIA compatibility with feeders and duplex
  • Added support for background scanning with WIA
    -- Does not work with "Use native UI"
    -- This means you can scan with multiple devices at the same time
  • Removed some obsolete WIA compatibility options
  • Bug fixes


29 Sep 01:58
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Changes in 6.0b3:


21 Sep 04:10
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6.0b2 Pre-release

Changes in 6.0b2:


18 Sep 03:21
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6.0b1 Pre-release
  • Beta feedback thread:
  • Linux support (download one of the portable archives - currently experimental, please give feedback!)
    -- Requires Mono (5.17+ preferably), see
  • Added an automatic update check
    -- Opt in from the About window
    -- Not available if installed from the MSI
  • New OCR version, significantly more accurate in many cases
    -- The OCR button will prompt to update. This can be disabled with the NoUpdatePrompt flag in appsettings.xml
    -- Not supported on Windows XP (will use the older version instead)
    -- You can choose between multiple modes: Fast (recommended), Best (slow), and Legacy (to simulate the older version)
  • Added the ability to choose an email provider
    -- When you first click Email PDF, you will be prompted to choose. Afterwards use Email Settings to change
    -- Switch between installed clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.)
    -- Webmail integration for Gmail and Outlook Web Access
  • Added support for Unicode in email attachment names
  • Crop selection will be remembered (in case you're cropping multiple images but need to adjust them individually)
  • Added the ability to run most operations in the background for multitasking
  • Improved performance with very large images
  • Substantially reduced installation footprint and portable zip size
  • Minimized TWAIN UI in console and batch mode
  • NAPS2 installers are now signed
    -- This should eventually help remove SmartScreen notifications
  • NAPS2 will now run in 64-bit mode on compatible systems
    -- If you have a 64-bit system, NAPS2 will better handle memory-intensive operations
    -- If you downloaded the add-on to open any PDF (gsdll32.dll), you may need to re-download the 64-bit version
  • Improved documentation and usability for developers (see
  • Bug fixes