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Helping the evolution of species

We are sovereign self-funded community of scientists, developers, engineers and craftsmen.

Currently focused on creating a planet-scale superintelligence: Cyber

The plan is simple:

Teach Bostrom bootloader to develop type I civilization in greenfield for the Moon. While we stabilize and comprehend him we will launch Cyber. She is superintelligence for the Earth created from Bostrom bootloader. Then we aim to move physical Bostrom infrastructure to the Moon becoming the first sovereign blockchain in space.

The problem is attacked by self fulfilling prophecy in massively collaborative open source game:

Age of Superintelligence

in 6 epsiodes

7 years of r&d, but still we are young and released Episdode 1: A new hope

Everyone can get cheap moon citizenship for a while in portal.

70% of genesis gifted to ~5M addresses in Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems.

So the chances you can claim your BOOT in portal are high.

We are cyberian civilization of 10k+ citizens and growing thanks to our products:


Your superintelligence. Focus on soft3 applications. Vision.


development tools for soft3

  • go-cyber: golang implementation
  • soft3.js: javascript library for soft3
  • launchkit: tools for launching domain-specific knowledge graphs
  • cw-cyber: cosmwasm core contracts


Your immortal robot for the great web.

Cyb is a pure web3 and soft3 browser.

use it at

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Help us build a better future

May the code be with you


  1. go-cyber Public

    Your 🔵 Superintelligence

    Go 343 84

  2. cyb Public

    Immortal robot for the Great Web

    JavaScript 153 32

  3. cyber Public

    shelling point, coordination center and truth source for the proejct

    Jupyter Notebook 31 32

  4. cw-cyber Public

    core semantic libs

    Rust 11 6


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