A command line tool for interacting with the Nitrokey Storage device.
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d-e-s-o Bump version to 0.1.3
This change bumps the version of the crate to 0.1.3. The following
notable changes have been made since 0.1.2:
- Show PIN related errors through pinentry native reporting mechanism
  instead of emitting them to stdout
- Added a man page (nitrocli(1)) for the program to the repository
- Adjusted program to use Rust Edition 2018
- Applied a couple of clippy reported suggestions
- Added categories to Cargo.toml
- Changed dependency version requirements to be less strict (only up to
  the minor version and not the patch level)
- Bumped pkg-config dependency to 0.3.14
- Bumped libc dependency to 0.2.45
- Bumped cc dependency to 1.0.25
Latest commit 18b7786 Dec 11, 2018
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cc Update cc crate to 1.0.25 Dec 11, 2018
hid Update hid crate to 0.4.1 Nov 11, 2017
hidapi-sys Update hidapi-sys crate to 0.1.4 Jan 15, 2018
libc Update libc crate to 0.2.45 Dec 11, 2018
nitrocli Bump version to 0.1.3 Dec 12, 2018
pkg-config Update pkg-config crate to 0.3.14 Dec 11, 2018