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Working Example for PHPUnit testing a SQL-Database application with PHP
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Tutorial for Testing Non-Persistent Databases in PHPUnit/DBUnit

I've spent quite some time to get this to work, because the official documentation of PHPUnit is unfortunately a little bit sketchy, especially for beginners in unit testing databases. (But you should definitely read it anyway!)

My first tries led me to this page which provides a working example, but you do need a MySQL server and a database that will have its content changed by executing unit tests. Instead, my purpose was to get just PHPUnit testing without an active database server and fresh and clean test data for each unit test. So I took the code and changed it to work with a non-persistent SQLite database in :memory:


  • Average knowledge of PHP
  • PHP >= 7.1.0 (with SQLite Extension installed)
  • Composer which will install among other:
    • PHPUnit
    • DBUnit (abandoned but still working well for this)


Clone this repository:

git clone

go to its root directory and run

composer install


Run the PHPUnit tests:

composer test

Well, it's a tutorial that does not much other than working. Some tests will fail (right on purpose). Just take a look at the code. I've commented everything you should know or be aware of in the main GuestBookTest class, at least I hope so.

If there are better ways to do this (which I do not doubt), please open an issue/fork and create a pull request and let me know. Comments and critique are highly appreciated.

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