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Ruby Haml


What it is?

These are TextMate syntax highlighting files that work with Sublime Text 2.

Nathan Smith originally pilfered them from other repos on GitHub, after searching for ones that were compatible.

  • Updated by n00ge
    • Added SASS (Windows).sublime-build, SASS (OSX).sublime-build, SASS (Linux).sublime-build, sasswatch.bat, and the Snippets folder
    • The build files will run 'sass --watch .:.' on the current SASS file in Sublime when running Build via Tools > Build or by pressing F7


Basic install (for downloaders)

  1. Go to menu bar: "Sublime Text 2 > Preferences > Browse Packages…"

    • Alternate method, on OS X, in Terminal:
    • $ cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages
  2. Once that directory is open, close Sublime Text 2.

  3. Copy the two directories: /SASS/, and /Ruby Haml/ to that directory.

  4. Restart Sublime Text 2.

Advanced install (for developers)

  1. Create fork of repository via GitHub

  2. Clone repository from GitHub to your local computer Example for a location would be: ~/projects/software/sublime-text/sublime-text-haml-sass

  3. Open Terminal, and check that the location of your cloned repository works, e.g.:

    • $ cd ~/projects/software/sublime-text/sublime-text-haml-sass
  4. Close Sublime Text 2.

  5. Open Terminal, on OS X, and write:

    • $ cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages
  6. Link the two directories: /SASS/, and /Ruby Haml/ to that directory.

    • ln -s ~/projects/software/sublime-text/sublime-text-haml-sass/Ruby\ Haml .
    • ln -s ~/projects/software/sublime-text/sublime-text-haml-sass/SASS .
  7. Restart Sublime Text 2.