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High-performance CBOR (RFC 7049) serialization framework for .Net (C#)
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High-performance CBOR serialization framework for .Net (C#)


  • Serialization/Deserialization from/to Streams, byte buffer
  • Object Model
  • Mapping to any .Net class
  • Extensible Polymorphism support based on discriminator conventions
  • Extensible Naming conventions
  • Custom converters for not supported types
  • .Net standard 2.0 support
  • core 2.1 and 2.2 CBOR formatters



Install-Package Dahomey.Cbor

Install-Package Dahomey.Cbor.AspNetCore

Compilation from source

  1. dotnet restore
  2. dotnet pack -c Release

How to use Dahomey.Cbor


Any C# class be deserialized from a CBOR buffer Stream:

class CustomObject

CustomObject customObject = await Cbor.DeserializeAsync<CustomObject>(stream);

Another option consists in using Dahomey.Cbor object model to deserialize the buffer in a more generic CborObject object:

CborObject cborObject = await Cbor.DeserializeAsync<CborObject>(stream);


Any C# class can be serialized to CBOR buffer Stream:

CustomObject customObject = new CustomObject

await Cbor.SerializeAsync(customObject, stream);

As for deserialization a more generic solution consists in using CborObject object:

CborObject obj = new CborObject
    ["string"] = "foo",
    ["number"] = 12.12,
    ["bool"] = true,
    ["null"] = null,
    ["array"] = new CborArray {1, 2},
    ["object"] = new CborObject { [ "id" ] = 1 },

await Cbor.SerializeAsync(cborObject, stream);

Asp.Net Core Support

You can enable Dahomey.Cbor as a CBOR formatter in ASP.NET Core 2.1 or 2.2 by using the Nuget package Dahomey.Cbor.AspNetCore. To enable it, add the extension method AddDahomeyCbor() to the AddMvc() call in ConfigureServices

// This method gets called by the runtime. Use this method to add services to the container.
public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)

If an incoming HTTP request holds the following headers:

  • Content-Type with the value application/cbor: the Request body will be deserilized in CBOR.
  • Accept with the value application/cbor: the Response body will be serialized in CBOR.

If the headers are missing, the default JSON formatters will be used.

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